Taste Without Limits

Embark on a culinary quest with a social mission.
Hand-picked olives from family farms across disputed borders meet in this
rarest olive oil in the World.

10% of all profits are invested directly back to the communities for
building peace, social justice and equality

Olives of Peace

Created by two Cypriots from conflicting communities, Colive was born out of the idea that even through physical borders we can find common ground. That’s why our olive oil is the first to be crafted from olives picked north and south of the divide, a first in 50 years. Building peace and sustainability with small family farms across separated communities of Cyprus

Designed by a true story

Take action and be a part of a true Story with the interactive design. Colive oil crafted by globally award winning minimalist designers. It is designed so that you and your loved ones are the protagonist for social change, sustainability and peace.

Hasan Siber, Co Founder and Olive Oil Sommelier

Crafted by Experience

Co-founder and olive oil sommelier, Hasan Siber, spent 7 months around the Mediterranean starting from Tuscany to find the tastiest olives. Landing in Cyprus, an island in the middle of Mediterranean, finding 900 year old olive trees producing golden olives, the quest was over. Each olive is handpicked from trees and cold pressed to ensure the most complex flavour.  

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Essential Luxury

This is the essential story of Colive with minimal design. It features a bottle of interactive Colive oil (200 ml) and presentable as a gift.

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Annual Subscription
€ 7.5 / month

Once you experience this unique flavour it’s difficult to have any other olive oil. Set up a monthly subscription today to continue the story in a sustainable way.

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Limited Signature

The ultimate love letter to olive oil. Featuring an acclaimed New York illustrationist, London Designer, Italian glass and handmade French Porcelain in an exclusive gift box

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Have you heard the story of Maria and Meryem?

Follow the Story

Be the change

We aim to be the change we seek.

That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to create positive social change.

So when you choose Colive Oil, you choose peace and health.
You tear down divisions.
You plant seeds for a more beautiful future.