Limited Signature Edition

Limited Signature Edition


A rare olive oil; hand picked olives from family farms with over 900 years old olive trees at the right time, cold pressed for the ultimate taste experience.

It is the perfect item for every gourmand, aspiring chef and dinner party host.

  • Aroma: Fresh & fruity vapours that fills the lungs & hint of indulging rich essence

  • Taste: Ever growing rich fruitiness with a crescendo of spice that has a peppery finish on the palate

  • Cultivar: Cypriot / Kypriaki / Kıbrıslı olives hand picked from small family farms

  • Cold pressed to keep nutrients and antioxidants

  • Its free acidity is less than 0.2% making it an ultra premium olive oil

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back . Because, your happiness and a lasting relationship matter to us.

What’s in the box? Your Mission: Pull for Peace Colive Promise

Eat Good, Feel Good Got a question? Here are FAQs

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What's in the box?

This is our love letter to olive oil.

The box includes a 200 ml bottle of exquisite Colive EVOO and a hand crafted porcelain bowl which makes it perfect for dipping, tasting and sharing. The duo comes wrapped in our signature 'pull for peace' paper wrap. All safe and secure and ready to be gifted in an elegantly signed rigid box


A handmade porcelain bowl

We source the clay from Limoges, France, known for its purity and quality around the World. We do not use anything to cover outer layer so you can experience what the river carries in Limoges in its truest form. The pearl white of the clay is unmatched in the World, and a sight and touch to behold.
More on our artisan ->


Exquisite bottle with a finishing touch

A 200 ml bottle and a wooden cap from Italy.

Lightweight Bruni glass; 100% recyclable and the least carbon emitting option.

The bottle is wrapped and always kept in a box, so the oil won't be photo-oxidised.


Hand-cut paper embracing a true story

Represents the Green line in Cyprus

Hand cut due to lower volume giving it an exclusive nature

Only example of its kind in design; unmatched opening experience
More on design -> Link


Gift box with a personal touch

Colive team packs each of these boxes and signs them individually. These are one of a kind and literally our limited signature editions.




Your Mission: Pull for Peace

This is a story of two best friends. They eat together with their families under olive trees. Then, something bad happens and families get separated.

When the girls go back to the place they always met, they find a fence in the middle. But they see the olive trees are still there. They start picking the olives and share them through the fence. And, the fence starts to crumble.

It is time to pull down the fence to bring our friends together.

Are you ready?



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Colive Promise

Tastiest and healthiest food possible

Directly sourced from small family farms using natural and symbiotic agriculture methods

10% of profits are donated for positive change in Cyprus and around the World

Focused on equality and the progress of all


Eat Good, Feel Good

Eat Good

  • Olive oil is energising, brain powering, nervous system supporting, beautifying, and immunity building. Extra virgin olive oil is also a great way to deliver fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients while cleansing us of fat-soluble toxins.

Feel good with

  • A high polyphenol count, this ultra premium extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants like oleocanthal in the bottle has powerful anti-inflammatory properties; you’ll be boosting your immune system with each bite.

Beauty cultivating food

  • Promotes glowing skin, eyes and hair, stimulating cellular restoration, preservation and longevity.

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Got a question? Here are FAQs


What are the shipping rates?

  • If this is your first Colive order, the shipping is free! We want to get to know you so we try to make the initial conversation as easy as we can. Our rates depends where you are on the World; we achieve worldwide from €4 in few days to max € 20 all around the World

When will my package arrive?

  • It depends where you are in the World. If you are in the UK or Western Mainland Europe, we do achieve 1-4 days of delivery time.

What is your return policy?

  • If you are not happy with your purchase, we will send 100% of your money back. Because, your happiness and a lasting relationship matter to us.