Revamped for the new season with your feedback

Our 1st website design

Our 1st website design

Hey fellow Colivers,

We are working hard to create the best Colive experience for you.

Since our website is a big part of your Colive ‘tree to table’ experience, it keeps constantly evolving with your valued feedback. We redesigned our website from the inside out and the 3rd "version" is now live. Before we talk a bit more about this version of our website, let’s take a step back and remember the past two versions first to help us explain why we are bringing these changes up.

Our first website was made by a designer; it was sleek and elegant but your feedback showed us that it lacked functionality and it was not easy to navigate.

Some of your feedback regarding the first version was as follows: " I find the leaf a little confusing - can't figure out how to open things and get stuck at it" and "Perhaps a little bit more guidance on the main page would be helpful (not to ruin the sleek look) as it stands at current, but I got slightly lost"

Our 2nd website design

Our 2nd website design

In light of this feedback, we rolled roll out the second version of our website, just as we launched our online shop. This version was simpler and more functional. This time the feedback we gathered pointed out that this website was not telling you enough about Colive. Our online shop was confusing for some of you and it was not working smoothly.

With our new website, we are hoping to balance the amount of show and tell. Our team is working on creating valuable content so we will be sharing more information with you on a regular basis. You could use our new search function to easily find what you are looking for. To be the first one to get these Colive news, updates and special offers, don't forget to subscribe to our e-mail list.

We have totally revamped our online shop too for a smoother shopping experience. Now it is easier than ever to order your Colive oil; there is a cart section for your convenience so that you can save your cart and return to it whenever you want. You can also create a user account on our website to track your orders and view your past orders.

Our product section now features a digital gift card option to make it easier for you to give the gift of liquid gold to your loved ones.

The 3rd version of the website is in no way the final version as you Colivers keep on inspiring us day after day to change for the better. We are already working hard on the fourth member of our product page!

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First Olives across the Line

Colives are the first olives to cross the ceasefire line in Cyprus. Read their full adventure here and find out about the details of their journey to your table.

We will always be improving and building on what we have but we enjoy sharing the milestones along the way with you.

Thank you once again for being part of the Colive journey. We will be looking forward to your feedback and comments. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

Colive Team

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